Cougar Academy

Have you ever wanted to volunteer in the classroom at PGE? Well, now is your chance! There are designated Fridays in which up to 2 parent volunteers, for each classroom, are invited to assist during Cougar Academy time (a 25 minute block of time)!


Cougar Academy Sign Up:…

Thank you so much!
Cub Support Liaison

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Spelling Bee Winners

Congrats to our Spelling Bee winners!!
1st place- Ally Ritter
2nd- John Hawkins
3rd- Britynn Manley


Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week starts next week! Let’s all help our kids join in the fun by letting the participate in all of the fun daily activities.  Together we can keep them healthy, safe, and drug free!



Teacher Announcements Coming Soon

We all know how excited you are to find out who your child’s teacher is – we are too! Here is some helpful information regarding this new process.  It’s the school’s first year to use Skyward for teacher announcements, so please bear with them.  Any questions can be directed to the school’s office – unfortunately the PTO has no insight into Skyward.

In order to find out teacher assignments, you MUST complete the following:

  1. Starting August 1st, log into Skyward Family Access and update your student’s information on-line- See instructions here: Skylert Flyer 2018-19-072618-bw.pdf 
  2. If you are not able to log in, please email Ms. Aymami at and she will send you a link to reset your password.
  3. ONLY if you have completed this verification, you will be able to log in to Family Access and view your child’s teacher on AUGUST 9th starting at 9:00am until AUGUST 12th 10:00pm.

TEACHER NAMES WILL NOT BE VISIBLE TO PARENTS WHO HAVE NOT COMPLETED THIS PROCESS. Teacher names will not be given over the phone/via email/at the front desk to parents who have not completed this process.

If you need computer access to complete this process in order to view your child’s teacher information, please call the school at 281-634-4800 and we will set an appointment with you to use the computer in the front lobby before August 13th.

PARENTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED THIS PROCESS MAY ATTEND THE WELCOME WALK ON AUGUST 13TH 5:30-6:30PM to drop off school supplies and meet the teachers!

**Please note that teacher assignments are subject to change due to class sizes or staffing changes.**

**Also, parent requests to change teacher assignments will not be considered until the week of September 3rd through a scheduled parent/teacher/administrator conference.**


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Teachers are announced August 9!

We know you’ve been asking, and now, everything that we know, you do too!!
If you have questions, feel free to message and reach out to us! Just because things have been a certain way in the past, doesn’t guarantee their details are the same this year! So check here first before scheduling your plans! #pgepto #kodascubs

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New Student Registration

Our first #riharetweet of the year from Principal Riha! #pgepto #kodacubs

1.) Register at
2) CALL PGE and set registration appointment!





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